FreeHelpCK’s community garden is a testament to the power of volunteer collaboration and dedication to sustainable practices. From the initial planting to the final harvest, every step is carried out by committed volunteers who ensure that no chemicals are used throughout the growing process. This approach not only promotes healthier food options but also supports the environment.

The produce harvested from the garden plays a crucial role in supporting local food security. All vegetables grown are distributed through our network of free food pantries and senior meal programs, directly benefiting those in our community who need it most. Additionally, excess produce is shared with local food banks, extending the reach and impact of our garden beyond immediate participants.

Moreover, the community garden has a unique feature of preserving part of the harvest for the winter months. This process ensures that even during off-season periods, there is a steady supply of nutritious food available. It also serves as an educational tool, teaching volunteers and recipients alike about the importance of food preservation and sustainability in fighting food scarcity. This initiative not only feeds bodies but also nurtures a sense of community and care throughout the year.