FreeHelpCK was inspired by a deep-seated, faith-driven desire to serve and uplift the community. Our journey commenced with an impactful event in Windsor, where, guided by our spiritual values, we distributed gifts, food, coats, and blankets to over 400 people in need. This initial act of generosity not only set the tone for our mission but also echoed our commitment to living out our faith through service.

​In every step, our actions are imbued with a spirit of non-judgment and unconditional support, principles that are rooted in our faith and dedication to community service. We have progressed from providing events on special days, to weekly food delivery where we provide 400 meals every week, and a number of compassionate programs. We made our goal to never judge an individual, and to continue to provide for our community. We love creating new relationships and taking the time to talk with each new person who wants our help.

Our growth is not just quantified by the numbers but is also measured by the deep, personal relationships we forge. At FreeHelpCK, every interaction is an opportunity to express kindness, foster connections, and strengthen the community fabric, driven by our belief in the transformative power of faith and love in action.